Sikorsky VS-44. A

Sikorsky VS-44-A

Sikorsky VS-44-A. A Golden Age Flying Boat


non-stop to Europe

Designed for American Export Airlines' non-stop transatlantic service, a fleet of these giant Vought-Sikorsky flying boats was now in service shuttling diplomats and government officials between the U.S. and the Brittish Isles.

Wing span 124'.
Length 79'3".
Height 27'7".
Weight empty 30,200 lbs.
Gross weight 57,500 lbs.
Fuel 3900 gals.

Performance Powered with four Pratt & Whitney 1050 h.p.Hornet engines.The VS-44-A has a cruising speed of 175 m.p.h. at an altitude of 7500 ft. Its normal range was 3800 miles.Rateof climb 600 ft/min. Service ceiling 17,500 ft.Manufactured by Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft Division of the United Aircraft Corporation, Stratford, Connecticut.

To learn more about the Sikorsky VS-44, Please visit the New England Air Museum, they have a VS-44 on display.(just click the image!)

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Written & Edited by Darrell Graves


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