North American T-6 "Texan"

T-6 "Texan"


T-6 "Texan"

The AT-6 advanced trainer was one of the most widely used aircraft in history. Evolving from the BC-1 basic combat trainer ordered in 1937, 15,495 Texans were built between 1938 and 1945. The USAAF procured 10,057 AT-6s; others went to the Navy as SNJs and to more than 30 Allied nations. Most AAF fighter pilots trained in AT-6s prior to graduation from flying school. Many of the "Spitfire" and "Hurricane" pilots in the Battle of Britain trained in Canada in "Harvards," the British version of the AT-6. To comply with neutrality laws, U.S. built Harvards were flown north to the border and were pushed across.

In 1948, Texans still in USAF service were redesignated as T-6s when the AT, BT and PT aircraft designations were abandoned. Although designed as a basic training aircraft the T-6 would be used extensively in a number of other roles including: advanced trainer, fighter, interceptor, fighter-bomber, forward air control aircraft and counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft. The Texan was widely exported and served with at least fifty-five air forces throughout the world. In civilian hands it was used as a pylon racer, sport aircraft, mail carrier, and even as an air- liner. The Texan served in all three of the modern era conflicts - World War 11, Korea, and Vietnam. The Texan also saw action in dozens of brush-fire wars around the world including Algeria, the Congo, Biafra, the Middle East and throughout Latin America. Despite its impressive war record, the Texan is best known as a trainer. There have been a great many other aircraft developed for the trainer role; however, only the T-6 Texan is known by the name, PILOT MAKER...

Span: 42 ft.
Length: 29 ft. 6 in.
Height: 10 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 5,617 lbs. loaded
Armament: None (some AT-6s used for gunnery/bombing training)
Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-1340 of 600 hp.
Cost: $27,000

Maximum speed: 210 mph.
Cruising speed: 145 mph.
Range: 770 miles
Service Ceiling: 23,200 ft.

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Written & Edited by Darrell Graves


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