Our Forgotten Heros

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The following is the name of a POW/MIA that I have adopted through "Operation Just Cause". This American Hero went off to a distant land to do what what he was trained to do. The sad part of the story is that he never returned, he is still serving this country, dead or alive, and we sit by and let him stay where he is. It does not matter if Vietnam was an "Un-just" War or not, this man is an American and should be returned to the country that he so proudly served.

James Schimberg(Army)

When the war ended, and 591 Americans were released from Vietnamese prisons, James Schimberg was not among them. The Vietnamese deny knowledge of his fate. As thousands of reports of Americans still alive in captivity accumulate,their family's must wonder if they are still alive waiting for their country to bring them home. Whether all of them are still alive is unknown. What is certain, however, is someone knows what happened to them. It's time we got answers and bring our men home.

None of these men wanted the fate the recieved, none wanted to go fight in a far off land, but they did. It doesn't matter that some feel the war was unjust and immoral, it happened and its over. But our country has men left over there dead and alive, they are waitng for a proper home coming. Please go to this site and see what you can do to help America's Forgotten Heros.

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