Luscombe Silvaire Model 8C


Luscombe Silvaire a Golden Age Classic

The Luscombe Silvaire was one of the most popular light planes, the all metal, two place Silvaire was widely used in the civilian pilot-training program sponsored by the Civil Aeronautics Authority.There are many Silvaire's flying today.

The Luscombe Model 8, like the Phantom before it, was well ahead of its time. Don Luscombe got the first Model 8 going as part of a class project in one of his aviation trade schools and it went into production in 1938/39.It was the very first commercially successful all-aluminum light aircraft, although aircraft like the Buhl Pup had used the same material much earlier. By the time the war shut Luscombe down, the airplanes were selling extremely well,

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Specifications for Luscombe Model 8C:-
Wing span 35'.
Length 20'.
Height 5' 10.5".
Weight empty 650lbs.(depending on equipment)
Gross weight 1200 lbs.
Fuel capacity 15gals.

Performance-Powered with a 75 h.p. Continental engine,the Silvaire has a maximum speed of 120 m.p.h.,cruises at 110 m.p.h.,Its normal range is 350 miles.Rate of climb 1100 ft./min. Service ceiling 17,000 ft. Manufactured by Luscombe Airplane Corporation, West Trenton, New Jersey.

Luscombe Model 8 Breakdown:

  • 8 -- A-50 engine, a few built.
  • 8A -- A-65 Continental, about 4,500 built, fabric or metal wings
  • 8B -- Lycoming O-145, only a handful still flying
  • 8C -- 1940-1941, 75 hp Continental
  • 8D -- 75 continental with wing tank
  • 8E -- Post war, 1946-1947, C-85 metal wings, about 5,500 built
  • 8F -- 1948-1950, C-90, flaps, later updated panel
  • 8F -- 1959-1960, Silvaires

Luscombe 8A.1998 Sun'n Fun Best Custom Classic winner.

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Written & Edited by Darrell Graves


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