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Golden Age of Aviation History.

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Golden Age of Air Racing


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Golden Age of Aviation History Highlights.

The Golden Age of Aviation was a time when airplanes had classic lines and character,regulations were few,pilots were popular heros,and is generally considered to be the 20-year period between the end of World War I and the beginning of World War II and was the pinnacle of Aviation excitement and Aviation development for Civilian as well as Military Aircraft.

The most exciting period in aviation history had to be without a doubt the 1920s and 1930s.Aviation was still in its infancy as the reality of flight was progressing from flimsy aircraft with questionable power, and poor controls, to very powerful fast airplanes, with unforgiving flight characteristics.

The Military, Civilian Aircraft companies and Private individuals, competed fiercely for speed, especially during the "Great Depression" when thousands of dollars were offered in prize money, builders scrambled to build the best and fastest racing planes, not very many years later, a lot of their knowledge and aircraft design ideas would be put to use in World War II.

Many people and organizations made monumental contributions to the advancement of aviation during the Golden Age, some made the ultimate contribution and lost their lives. If it were not for these courageous people, aviation technology may not have advanced to where it is today.

When World War II started, these fantastic little racing planes were left where they sat while the pilots, designers and builders concentrated on using their experience and talents to help this Country win WW-II.

Most of these aircraft never raced again and some were never seen again.

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