Gee Bee Plans and Books

Interested in building a Gee Bee full scale replica or a scale model from scratch?.

  • Full Scale Plans of many Gee Bee models and other aircraft may be purchased from:
    Vern E. Clements
    308 Palo Alto Dr.
    Caldwell, Id 83605
    Phone (208)459-7608
    (No collect calls please)

  • Antique Airplane Super scale model Plans Catalog/News/Info/Pictures $4 US, $6 foreign,credit cards not accepted.

  • Mr. Clements is a research/draftsman,he has letters of authenticity from many designers such as Bob Hall.

  • Plans available include:

    1931 Gee Bee Model Z

    1932 Gee Bee Model R-1

    1932 Gee Bee Model R-2

    1932 Springfield Bulldog

    1939 "The Goon"

    1938 Monocoupe 110 SP

    1955 Monocoupe 110 SP

    1940 Culver Cadet

    1939-44 Rearwin Cloudster

    1938 "Firecracker"

    Plans are top quality in 7 varied sizes, 1/24 to 1/3 scale.Also top quality electro-static copies on bond wall-decor prints available and laminated wall decor views in color are available.

    Vern E. Clements
    308 Palo Alto Dr.
    Caldwell, Id 83605
    Phone (208)459-7608
    (No collect calls please)

  • Good Reading:Click here!To order Delmar Benjamin/Steve Wolf'sThe Gee Bee Today!

  • If You are interested in the Gee Bee and the building of the Gee Bee -R2 Replica, then I highly recommend that You read: "Gee Bee". by Delmar Benjamin and Steve Wolf. 80 color photos! The inside story of the modern Gee Bee R-2 creation, by the men who built it and the man who flies it. Covered are research, construction, testing and flying, in the words of those who recreated one of 1932's most famous racers. This in-depth examination debunks myths perpetuated over many years, reveals new details, and presents a magnificent selection of stunning full-color photographs. A must for modelers and historians alike. Also included are a Granville brothers aircraft lineage and a review of the original Gee Bee R-2 flight logbooks. Much better than photographing it yourself! Softbound, 8"x9", 96 pages,

    Good Reading:

    Click here!To order Henry Haffke's Gee Bee The Real Story of The Granville Brothers and Their Marvelous Airplanes. Today!

    If You would like to learn more about the Granville brothers and the Gee Bees,then I highly recommend that You read:"Gee Bee The Real Story of the Granville Brothers and Their Marvelous Airplanes". by Henry A. Haffke. Mr. Henry Haffke is a Gee Bee historian and modeler and presents rare photos and fascinating accounts from Granville family members and key participants in the Gee Bee Story. Genuine facts, not "hack-writer theory". Covers the biplanes, sport planes, racers and unrealized projects. Softbound, ten 3-views, 226 photos, 176 pages,

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