Listing of Aircraft built by the Granville Brothers

  • The Granville Brothers Aircraft, Inc., liquidated in the fall of 1933. They built a total of 22 aircraft - including 9 biplanes, 8 Sportsters, 2 Senior Sportsters, 3 Super Sportsters, and one long-tailed racer. They had a large, cantilever monoplane under construction that disappeared into history. After liquidation, the workforce went on to build the QED for the 1934 England-to-Australia race and Time Flies, a racer for Frank Hawks and Pete Miller's Zeta

  • Model "A"-

    was the first in a line of sport planes and racers produced by the Granville Brothers. The prototype was designed and built by Zantford (Granny) Granville at the East Boston Airport and had many innovative features such as side-by-side seating to promote conversation, "overhead" control sticks so that a lap robe could be used in winter, fuel-span ailerons, etc. nine (9) of these first biplanes were built. Two are known to be in existence today. One at the New England Air Museum and one private owned.

  • Model "X" 1 built -

    NR49V Lowell Bayles, R. Brinton crashed in 1931

  • Model "B" 1 built -

    NR854Y Harold Moon,

  • Model "C" 1 built -

    NR855Y George Rand

  • Model "D" 1 built -

    NC11043 (serial D-1) C. Seabury fatal crash 1935

  • Model "E" 4 built -

    NC856Y (serial #4) Z. D.Granville fatal crash 1934

    NC11044 (serial #6) Skip Tibert, J. Kytle fatal crash in 1931

    NC46V (serial #7) Bill Sloan, returned to factory for "Ford Air Tour", R. Boardman crashed in 1932

    NC72V (serial #8) Bill Sloan, wing in EAA museum, D. Walters crashed it twice.

  • Model "Y" 2 built -

    X11049 sold, shed propeller blade and crashed into Atlantic Ocean off NYC

    - NR718Y Cord Automobile Co., sold to Art. Knapp, Bob Hall modified, F. Klingensmith fatal crash 1933

  • Model "Z" 1 built -

    N77V (racing #4) S.A.R.A., L. Bayles fatal crash 1931

  • Model "R-1" 1 built -

    NR2000 (racing #7) S.A.R.A., R. Boardman fatal crash 1933

    rebuilt as NR2001, R. Minor crashed 1933

    sold, rebuilt, fatal crash C. Allen 1935

  • Model "R-2" 1 built - NR2001 (racing #11) S.A.R.A., J. Haizlip crashed 1933

  • Model "C-8"

    1 uncompleted

    Other Aircraft built by one or more of the Granvilles brothers.

  • The Ascender (named for it's tail first canard design from "ass ender")

  • Ed Granville's Tiger which looked like a fat Jr. Sportster with a 25 ft. span and a 85 HP Genet engine.

  • Moonship (twin 125 HP Menasco pusher design similar to a Piper Aztec with pusher engines),

  • The Zeta,

  • Time Flies

  • R-6H.

    Out of 28 completed aircraft(nearly half of those were the two seat biplanes) and the one uncompleted "C-8".


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