Fairchild FC-2

Fairchild FC-2

Fairchild FC-2,"A Golden Age Airliner"

In May 1927 an early airline was founded called the Colonial Western Airways to fly airmail over the 450 mile route between Albany and Cleveland. An operations base for Colonial was set up in Albany and four aircraft were purchased. Since this new airline planed to haul passengers as soon as the route had been proven by flying mail schedules, three of the new aircraft were Fairchild FC-2 Cabin Mono planes with accomodations for four passengers, the fourth plane purchased was a Pitcairn Mailwing.

Scheduled to begin operation on December 27,1927, over the Buffalo-Cleveland Leg, and at year's end the line could report a gross income of $365.40 for flying 3,052 miles and carrying 329 pounds of mail. Full scale operation began in 1928 with six daily round trips per week. The westbound flight left Albany at 10:AM and arrived in Cleveland at 4:15 PM with intervening stops at Schenectady, Utica-Rome, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo. The east bound flight left Cleveland at noon and arrived in aLBANY AT 6:15. The one-way Albany fare was $60.

While the Fairchild FC-2 was not noted for soundproofing or an abundance of head room, it did offer passengers relative confort in a wicker seat or a rear settee,as well as a intamate flying experience. The pilot sat directly in front within shouting distance while large side windows offered a wonderful view of the country side below.In all during 1928, Colonial carried 243 passengers... and pay the bills, hauled 45,309 pounds of mail.Colonial managed to keep flying till 1930 when they became part of American Airways...the predecessor of American Airlines.

Gross Weight: 4000 lbs.
Payload: 800 lbs excluding the pilot.
Engine: Wright Whirlwind J5C's capable of developing 2377 hp ai 1950 RPMs.

Cruising speed: 90 mph.
Manufactured by Fairchild

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Written & Edited by Darrell Graves

1999 dgraves549@aol.com