Culver Cadet

Culver Cadet

Culver Cadet,a Golden Age Classic

The Culver Cadet was the brainstorm of Al Mooney.Walter Beech was the Culver plant manager during it's inception,this explains why the Culver Cadet was one of the fastest airplanes in its catagory, the two-place Cadet was a favorite amoung sportsman pilots who demand extra speed and performance.

Specifications-Wing span 27'. Length 17'8". Height 5'6". Weight empty 750 lbs. Gross weight 1305 lbs. Fuel capacity 20 gals.Retractable Landing gear. Performance-Powered with a 75h.p. Continental engine,the Cadet has a maximum speed of 140 m.p.h.,cruises at 120 m.p.h.,and stalls at 45 m.p.h.. Its normal range is 600 miles.Rate of climb 800 ft./min. Service ceiling 17,500 ft. Manufactured by Culver Aircraft Corporation, Whichita, Kansas.

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Written & Edited by Darrell Graves


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