Corben Super -Ace

Corben Super-Ace. A Golden Age Classic


During 1935.Popular Aviation magazine published a series of articles concerning this attractive single-seat sportplane intended for construction by amateurs.A Ford Model A automobile engine was used for power,and it too was subject of an article describing modifications and needed accessories.
The Super-Ace was designed by Orlan G. Corben, who had also produced other sport planes such as the Baby-Ace and Junior-Ace,Praiseworthy for simplicity and economy.The Super-Ace incorporated similar straight-forward construction philosophy combined with readily available low cost materials.Its exciting appearance and spirited performance made the Super-Ace an intriguing proposition,as did the dramatic full-color painting by Hermin R. Bollin on the April 1935 Popular Aviation front cover.
Over the years,models ranging from tiny wooden "solids" to large radio control examples, have helped keep the Super-Ace familiar to many aviation enthusiasts.This seems appropriate, because Orlan Corben himself was a model builder. Lightplane authority John Underwood estimates that at least six full-size Super-Aces were constructed, four of them prior to 1940.

Specifications:The prototype Super-Ace spanned 25 feet, but according to the designer,extra area was added "in favor of the fellows who live in high altitudes."The span addition amounted to two feet,although slite variations exist in published dimensions. Wing Span: 27'3.5". Weight (empty):569 pounds.
Performance:Top speed:100 MPH, Cruise speed:85 MPH. Landing speed: 32 MPH. Take-off run: 200 feet. Economy: 25 miles per gallon.
Engine Data:Modified Ford Model A automobile powerplant.Maximum RPM:2000. Weight: 219 pounds. ReferencesPopular Aviation June- October 1935. The Vintage Airplane, June 1985 and The Williams Bros. Model Co.


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Written & Edited by Darrell Graves

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