Rearwin Sportster

Rearwin Sportster


Rearwin a Golden Age Classic

Rearwin Aircraft was started in 1928 by Andrew Rearwin and built aircraft until the company was sold in 1942 to Commonwealth Corporation.Stemming from a long line of successful and popular sport planes, came the two place Sportster.The Sportster came in several models with different engines of varying horsepower.

Rearwin Airplanes.To learn about Rearwin Aircraft and history, Please visit the Rearwin Aircraft site.(just click on this text)

Wing span 35'.
Length 22'2".
Height 6' 9".
Weight empty 830 lbs.
Gross weight 1460 lbs.
Fuel capacity 24 gals.

Performance-Powered with a 90 h.p. Ken Royce engine,the Sportser has a maximum speed of 125 m.p.h.,cruises at 112 m.p.h.,and stalls at 38 m.p.h.. Its normal range is 500 miles.Rate of climb 1000 ft./min. Service ceiling 15,000 ft. Manufactured by Rearwin Aircraft & Engines,Inc, Kansas City Kansas.

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Written & Edited by Darrell Graves


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