Piper L-4 "Grasshopper"

Piper L-4 "Grasshopper"


Piper L-4 "Grasshopper"

The L-4 liaison aircraft, originally designated the O-59, was the military version of the famous Piper J3 "Cub." The Army ordered the first O-59s in 1941 for tests in conjunction with its growing interest in the use of light aircraft for liaison and observation duties in direct support of ground forces. Between 1941 and 1945, the Army procured almost 6,000 Piper Aircraft.

During WW II, "Grasshoppers" performed a wide variety of functions throughout the world such as for artillery fire direction, pilot training, glider pilot instruction, courier service and front-line liaison. Members of the Civil Air Patrol flew thousands of hours in light planes such as the L-4 searching for enemy submarines in U.S. coastal waters.

Span: 35 ft. 3 in.
Length: 22 ft. 5 in.
Height: 6 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 1,200 lbs. maximum
Armament: None
Engine: Continental O-170 of 65 hp.
Cost: $2,600

Maximum speed: 85 mph.
Cruising speed: 75 mph.
Range: 190 miles
Service Ceiling: 9,300 ft.

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