1931 & 1932 Cleveland Air race photos

The following Golden Age of Air Racing photos were generously donated by: Kaye Woods and her sister, Ellen Milbrath. The photos were taken by their Father, Mr. William Anderson at the 1931 and 1932 Cleveland Air Races

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Berliner Joyce.Powered by a Curtiss Conqueror

Italian "Breda"

Brown Special. Powered by an inverted menasco in-line six. this aircrafts landing gear collapsed on in Test flight during it's take off roll.

Wittman Special. Cirrus Powered

Cicada mono plane. Powered by a P&W Wasp jr.300 hp

Curtiss Fledgeling, Challenger powered.

Ford Tri-Motor. Transcontinental-Western-Air Express. New York to California southern route.

Morane-Saulnier French Pursuit plane

Ben Howards racing plane "Ike" (note dual landing wheels)Powered by an invereted inline six Menasoc engine

John Livingston's Clipped wing Monocoupe. Warner powered

German Junkers Monoplane.

Keith-Ryder Special. powered by an inverted Menasco straight six. Pilot was Ray More

Laird Cabin Plane. P&W Wasp powered.(Photo provided by Walter Smith)

Boeing "Monomail" Landed at Cleveland from Chicago with mail and passengers. 1932

Boeing "Monomail" NewYork-Chicago-California (Northern Route.

Lockheed Vega Braniff Airways. Chicago-St. Louis-Kansas City-Tulsa-Oklahoma City.

Woodson Biplane. Powered by a Wright J5 engine

Aeronca C2 on floats.

Lockheed Altair. Powered by a P&W Hornet with a variable pith prop.

"Back" Transport. Powered by two P&W and one Kinner.

Millitary Band performance.

Polando and Boardman's Bellanca. Powered by a Wtight 300 h.p. Radial engine and holder of a long distance flight record from New York to Turkey.(4,999 miles) .

View of the Good Year Blimp from the bleachers at Cleveland,(1931).

View from the bleachers at Cleveland,hangars for the racing planes can be see across the field(1931).

Good Year Blimp(1931).

Good Year blimp(1931).

Good Year blimpHangar(1931).

Boeing Amphibian.

Boeing Pursuit planes.

One of Cessna's first designs.Powered by a Wright 300 h.p.

Famous racer Steve Whittman's Racer"Chief Oshkosh".

Curtiss Junior "Pusher".

Hall "Air Bus".

Heath Racer.

Amphibian (Built in Ireland.

Keith Ryder Racer.Powered by an inverted In-line 6 cylinder Menasco engine. Piloted by Keith Rider this plane took 1st place.

Laird Super Solution. 1930 Thompson trophy race winner at Chicago,piloted by:Charles Holman.Took third place at the 1931 Cleveland race. Powered by a 300 h.p. Wright engine

U.S.Marine Ford "Tri Motor". Powere by three P&W Wasp engines

Lockheed "Orion". Powere by P&W Hornet engine

Sikorsky S-39

Laird LC-R-300 (N9419).

Wiley Post and Harold Gatty's famous "round-the-world" Lokheed Vega "Winney Mae" setting on the field at Cleveland.(1931)

Gyro Plane. Was flown by John Miller, but crashed after a mid-air collision with Al Wilson and his 1910 Curtiss Pusher at Cleveland on Sept 3,1932.

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