Martin 156-C"

Martin 156-C Transoceanic Transport

This giant flying boat was designed to carry tremendous loads over long distances. The passenger compartment was convertible into a 26-berth sleeper.This flying boat could carry from 33 to 53 passengers depending on how it was cofigured.

Span: 157 ft. 0 in.
Length: 92ft.
Height: 27 ft. 2.25 in.
Weight empty: 68,000 lbs.
Useful load: 31,708lbs.
Fuel: 3800 Gal.
Oil: 216 gal.
Engine: Four 850 h.p. Wright Cyclone. Radial engines.
Top speed: 182 mph.
Cruising speed: 140 mph.
Landing Speed with full Flaps: 67 mph.
Manufactured by the Glen L. Martin Company, Baltimore, Maryland
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Written & Edited by Darrell Graves